2 years ago on June 3, 2012

American’s I have a question for you 

Why do you always think Canada is cold?

It’s hot as fuck here! (Okay unless you’re Calgary/Edmonton then it’s cold as fuck, but they’re more up north…)


It’s not like we live in Igloo’s and ride huskies to school!

(Though that would be cook…)

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    Oh man- not to mention it’s almost necessary to have a plan on finding shade in the middle of July around noon (in...
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    Because I’m in Florida where summers=upper 90s F with 100% humidity and winter is freezing at 60F odd degrees when it...
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    I’m sorry, I’m sorry, 70F summers are hot as fuck? I am dying from laughter right now. Someone tell Mexico about this,...
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    I still say as someone living next to the border I reserve judgement against anyone living in Washington state (or any...
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    Because generally as a rule, the further from the equator you get, the colder the weather is. Since Canada is to our...
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    But cold is under sixty degrees. Sometimes I’m chilled in the sixties. Clearly, Canada is colder
  9. torib0o said: I’ve been to Canada a few times and everytime I go, it’s in the middle of summer and raining :< Like what the heck? But it’s not cold. It’s warm rain and grossly humid….just like at home -_-
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    Because I have experienced a Chicago winter and it is cold as fucking balls. So you guys have to be like frozen or...
  11. blackrapture1990 said: I guess it’s because we are under the impression the farther north you go the colder it is and the farther south you go the hotter it gets. Why we think that? No clue. We’re not the brightest country in the world.